Saturday, April 25, 2009

*first day in MALAYSIA*

so as tittle HOME!!~MALAYSIA tanah airku..haha..flight at 610am..together wif my buncit, nieza n shabak..we arive at the airport nearly 530am maybe..not so many things happened..kelam kabut gile..yela da smpai airport agak lmbt la tu kn plus nk solat subuh sume lg..mmg huru hara la mase check in pg td..hoho..1st si shabak wt hal..todays date is 25th april dlm itinerary die tls 25th May..lg sebulan tahu!!punye la gelabah mase tu..xtau la kakak die yg slh booking or shabak sndri yg slh bg date..then shabak pn plan utk 2kar jela date first xleh pn coz rules nk change tket should be 48 hours b4 alhamdulillah maybe sbb xrmai org kot so dptla jugak mamat tu tukar tket..huhu..kalo x blk jatinangor jela ye shabak..hahaha..then my turn n nieza pulak..our lugage overload..sengal sungguh!!kt ctu jgkla kitorg kuarkn pape yg ptt n pgg je..sket je pn so xdak hal sgt..yg pnting xmau byr..heh..after 3 of us da wt hal..buncit tu mntak itinerary bt buncit already hve boarding pass..kire die da check in by internet..haha..mcm2 tol..act we print out that the night b4 our flight..xprasan xpela..sume excited sgt nk blk kot..hehe..yg penting flight QZ7595 already arrived from bandung to LCCT about 915am waktu msia..yeayyy:)
erm my parents pick me up at the airport n 1st thing we did was mkn roti canai plus teh gile..then blk umah rehat2 jp..suddenly my dad suggested me to do facial since my face da mcm ape je..burn injury!!~but not coz of thermal or electrical or was matahari yg cantik tu..haha..yg klakar nye my dad yg suggest xkesah nk lyn..since abah da berie plus abah pn yg byr so me ikut jela..mmg teringin nk wat pn..nk merasa..xpnah tau!! i went to this one pusat kecantikan yg my aunt slalu g..murah jela kot kalo ikut duit takes time bout 1hr1/2..bosan gle brg je..lenguh tau x!!huhu..mule2 cm best jela bt then ble smpai stu part nie ntah papejela yg minah tu wt..die men cucuk2 my face pulak..sgt skt..i think im crying kot td..hahaha..sengal la cici..can sumone tell me wat the hell yg minah tu wt act??mase tu i think that msti the worker mad at me coz dpt customer yg mls jage me..wakaka..padan muke!!~then pe ntah lg ntah minah tu wt..mcm2 die sapu kt my face yg "comey" nie..hoho..watever la..esok nk g lg la..suro my aunt pulak byr..ngeh3..persediaan nk jd pengapit bro kawen nnt pn me akn jd pengapit jgk..xsaba2..*wink*
hmm da pnat da tls..smlm tdo jp je since tkt xtrbgn mase padma dtg till to go..nitey goes my new maxis number <0126572074> call me kalo xkdekut tau..haha xdela..take care..tata~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

time to go home~!!

yeayy..finally everything is done n over..really wait for dis moment..judicium bru abes siang td..satisfied wif my result but still hope better for next year..CONGRATS to my frens yg cemerlang2 sume those yg ade sangkut2 dun worry..u guys have done ur best..maybe rezeki lom smpai..saba tau..Tuhan itu MAHA ADIL..have faith!!~
so as da tittle going home!!sabtu neyh 25th april..flight at 610am..awal kn..xtau la mampu bkk mate x..haha..sgt xsaba nk flight act on then my abah willingly nk awalkn semata2 nk me join boling competition rukun tetangga pe ntah..smangat kn..hehe..i'll paired wif abah for that competition..msti mng punye la..hahaha..perasan sungguh!!~im so excited n looking 4ward for this hols..first time dpt cuti lame tau..sebulan maa n end of May my aunt nk kawen pulak..die suro me jd pengapit die..teruja!! kate sape jd pengapit nnt cpt kawen kn..*wink*
ermm..ptg td da angkot few my stuffs pindah g umah bru dgn bantuan pkcik2 ojek yg gagah..hahaha..bru angkot bku je tp tu pn bape trip ntah td..byk tau..cmne la nk bwk blk msia nx year..huhu..watever la..esok2 bru pkir..heh..
orite..saye da ngantok..wanna go to my bed dah..plan to dream like im alredi at nye~~till then..tata :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

filling my time :)

so erm here u go..tagged by farahain n mrs eight~~

1. Were u named after anyone?
no idea..but ppl name is everywhere..famous huh..haha

2. when the last time u cried?
not sure..a week b4 i guess..there will be time i'll cry much..horrible best describe..huhu

3. Do u like your handwriting? handwriting always depends on my mood..good mood good handwriting..weird huh..*wink*

4. What is your fav lunch meal?
anything..i love to eat..

5. Do u have kids?
ofcourse la xdak..but i would like to have about 3 or 4 my own kids..advance planning huh..hahaha

6. If u were another person, would u be friend with yourself?
ofcourse i da bestest fren in da world tau..haha..kidding answer~!!

7. Do u use sarcasm?

8. Do u still have tonsils?
yeahh sure..nk tgk??

9. would u bungee jump?
nak!!~but im afraid of high..leh mati x kalo takut sgt..

10. What is your fav cereal?
honey star..coco crunch..many more~love cereals :)

11. Do u untie your shoes when u take it off?
nope! malas..hee

12. What is your fav ice cream?
most fav will be vanilla..least fav will be choc

13. What is the 1st thg u notice about people?
most important one..attitude..

14. Red/pink?
i hate u already have the answer..haha

15. what is your less fav thg about yourself?
nothing!!~i love da way i am..if u dont then go away..i dun like u either

16. Who do you miss the most?
my basketball game..definitely!

17. Do
you want everyone to complete this list?

18. What color pant & shoes are you wearing?
no shoes..kaki on bed already

19. what are u listening to right now?
a song wif unknown tittle..haha

20. If you were a crayon, what color you would be?
white :)

21. Fav smells?
nothing specific kot..

22. Who the last person u talked to on the phone?
my hubby buncit

23. Do u like the person who sent this to u?
i like all my frens..

24. Fav sports to watch?
anything will be fine to is da most fav one

25. Hair color?
hitam sudey

26. Eye color?
hitam juge

27. Do you wear contacts?
nope..takut..nnt xleh kuar camne..huhu

28. Fav food?
a lot!!trust me..hehe

29. Scary movies or happy ending?
both can be considered

30. Last movies u watched?
mati suri..xtakut sgt buncit ttp mate 4 da whole movie..hahhaha

31. What color shirt are u wearing?

32. Summer or winter?
love all 4 :)

33. Hugs or kisses?
both ofcourse

34. Most likely to responds?

35. Least likely to responds?

36. What books are u reading now?
none..not my hobby

37. What is on your mouse pad?
my desk..hoho

38. What did u watch on tv last nite?
sinetron indonesia..melati untuk marvel

39. Fav sounds?
dun really have da most fav one..

40. Rolling stone or the beatles?
say NO to both..haha

41. What is the farthest u have been away from home?

42. Do you have special talent?
ade..banyak!!~hee..perasan sungguh

43. Where were u born?
perak darul ridzuan

44. Whose answer u looking forward to getting back?

45. How did u meet your spouse/significant others?
GOD meet us up..thank you ALLAH~

46. Tagged people?
are u a fren of mine??then u have been tag..haha

~~finished..thanx for letting me doing dis..farahain ckp i love answering questions..maybe sbb i used to suke menjawab kot mase kecik2 dlu..haha..till then.

Monday, April 13, 2009


heyy long time didnt write any in my blog..padma holidays for some days so i cant pay for da internet fee..but now its already paid..hehs..erm it has been a week i guess after da exam over..what am i doing??nothing..haha..yeah rite nothing..over da last few days im filling my time watching those CDs i bought after da three hill season 3 & has been a long time i missed these series n now im trying to catch up everythings..yes i used to be the follower..big die hard fan..hoho..besides watching all da episodes i missed ofcouse theres something else i did.."merayap"..yeah best word to describe..watching those games in karnival sukan!!cheering all da way..hoping my batch o7 will gonna be da overall winner..this is what i really missed..becoming full of spirit to be da best n beat da rest..oh my GOD..i really missed da old times..playing basketball with all supporters around us..cheering n called our names..when we won da game.. hugs n kisses for us..sing our school song which we really proud off..n when we loose da game..we cried together..hoping dat da time can return we can play much more better..we can keep our flag flying up high..n we never dissappointed our supporters..but dats life..nobody will always be on or lose is not da matter..da matter is what we get from it..what we get from what already happened..i miss u guys..i miss my school..i miss my teammates..i miss da games..but again..dats life..people always leave..we leave da school..we spread with one another..but we leave for be an reach da goal in our live..ambition..what we gonna be in da future..what kind of adult we dream for..hows live gonna be after few years ahead..whatever my destiny is.."im the master of my the captain of my soul" im da one who da one who will work for it..da rest..i leave to GOD..hoping n praying da good things will always happen..but again never forget..this is is not always about da good should be how we keep da good things n how we turn da bad things to be da good one..dats da challenges n we should take it..keep in mind.."not to be bitter over life's disappointments..learn to let go of the past"

~~end of today's post.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

postexamination post~!!

today is Tuesday..7 April 2009..EXAM IS OVER!!
no more more more free..jz like a bird flying in the sky..HAH!xdeape..nnt kalo kne tembak mati jgk..xpun kne langgar ngan kapal terbang ke..hahaha
xkesahla..yg pnting exm da abes..mmg btol2 da abes..
"terima kasih ya ALLAH kerana memakbulkan doa hambamu ini..amin"
result cmne pn nnt me dun mind..da usaha as best as i can..tggal doa+tawakkal je :)
erm from now on otak da merewang da pkir nk wtpe..mcm2 nk wt..merata tmpt nk g..byk bende nk tarak!!limited la..kang overlimit jd papakedana lak ble smpai ujung bulan..waawawa..mak nk duit!!hehehe*wink*

postexamination break...what in my list??

1) doa byk2 + tawakkal for my future judicium..
2) qadha blk my sleep time..(nk jd sleeping beauty)
3) nk g jatos cm g toilet (means frequency g jatos same ngan my urinary frequency)
4) nk g bandung cm g jatos (mknenye g bandung tp hati ttp pd jatos..HAH)
5) nk shopping konon2 ade pocket doremon..duit xabes2
6) nk g jln2 smpai kne mkn megi hari2..(mksudnye duit da abes..haha)

dah tu je..xleh plan lebey2..nnt kalo xjadi msti kecewa..huhu..
got to byk cd nk marathon mlm nie..tata~

Saturday, April 4, 2009

here u go~!! u think u'r hot?
ofcourse la YES..sape lg nk puji kalo bkn diri sndri kn..HAH..tu bkn pujian pn..msti la x..*konon2 rendah diri*

2.upload a favourite picture of you:
3.[Photo] give three reason why you like this picture?
* gamba ats tu sbb nmpk mcm dlm megazine time2 raye *kire aku nie model majalah laa*
* yg bwh lak sbb klakar tgk muke buncit mcm tu..haha

* last reason sbb aku comey dlm dua2 gambar tu..HAH!..xdeape..(:

4.when was the last time you eat pizza?
xingat ble..after duit msk kot..mkn wif my buncit:)

5.the last song you listen?
"masihkah kau ingat"..koleksi lagu lame in my laptop..abah pnh nyanyi mase family day..soooo sporting..hee..

6.what are you doing now besides this?

nk wt pe lg..memorizing..soca on monday..cuak2!!

7.what name you prefer besides yours?
prefer for me OR for others??soklan xclear..xmau jwb..hahaha..sye suke name sye..*cahaya yg mengasyikkan*..uiiii(",)

8.people to tag:
  1. cik bie sbb aku suke bce blog die
  2. cikfun sbb aku pakse die msk bola blg utk karnival skn nnt
  3. opie sbb opie suke nyemak bg komen kt blog aku
  4. luqman sbb luqman lom jd follower aku
  5. isma sbb isma suke cikfun (cik fun pn same)
  6. piper sbb piper kne tag ngan farahain jgk
  7. nadu sbb nadu mrh abg die xbgtau da ade awek
  8. huda mutalif sbb die nk mkn spagheti 18 helai je blk msia nnt
  9. sape2 jela yg suke kne tag sbb die mmg suke kne tag..hahaha
9.who is num one?
mrs puding *peace*

10.num three is having relationship with?
ntoh..aku pn kompius..suro opie jwb sendiri la..heh

11.say something about num 5?
isma suke langgar tebing smpai spec trcabut wktu men bumper car kt bogor

12.who is number 2?

awek org yg suke langgar tebing ble men bumper car tue..

13.what do u think about num 4?
pemurah..baik hati..romantik..pandai..rajin..
ps: lokman lps nie kne blanje tau..hik3

alaa da abes ke..hoho..dah tu jela..thanx to farahain bg aku peluang practice merepek b4 soca n osce..heeehe..

time to go..tata~!!