Friday, June 19, 2009

dpt award!!

1.copy award di atas utk diletakkan di blog anda
successfully done!

2. nyatakan 5 fakta menarik ttg pemberi award ini.

  1. buah hati Dr. I
  2. putih n tembam
  3. org johor
  4. loves green
  5. rajin wt lab n LI
  1. putih melepak
  2. mek klate yg tegas
  3. brave
  4. bijak pndai org nye
  5. active blogger bersama-sama org yg kt ats tu..hee
3. setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta / hobby diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnya.
  • suke tdo.penat--tdo.ngantuk--tdo.xpnat n xngantuk pn tdo jugak!!
  • suke shopping kasut.bags.purse.da byk collection kt umah..nk tgk??
  • plg suke shopping ngan buncit..nnt buncit ikut je..plg best nnt buncit yg blikan..hehe
  • sgt sng nanges.reason bodoh2 pn leh nanges smpai bengkak mate
  • suke mkn.slh.sgt2 suke cream..byk lg..xleh list kt cni=)
  • dlu kalo marah msti sume org skang suke diam nk lyn.simpan dlm akn ingt smpai dun start okey!
  • suke chocolate.teh susu.air jeruk.byk lagi tp xminat nescafe n coffee..
  • suke msj buncit.tepon buncit.blaja ngan buncit.jln2 ngan buncit.kesimpulan ny suke buncit (tp xsuke perut buncit tau)..hehe:-)
  • suke bersukan.plg suke basketball..suke badminton.bowling.squasy n futsal jgk!
  • study??suke!!hahaha..btol..suke ikut mood la..hohoho
  • nk tambah lg satu!!suke kwn2 saye.esp team puri n ofcourse my survivors sisters..syg kamu sume soooo much!
4.Anda perlu memilih 10 penerima award seterusnya dan describe ttg mereka.
  1. cikfun - gile2..suke ijau..mrs.Eight
  2. farahain - gile2 kdg2 garang..hehe
  3. cikbie - white.."suke" dok hospital..suke melancong jgk..haha
  4. noi - tutor mate..busy woman..
  5. nadu - sengal2..kind
  6. hadi - suke timbulkn kontroversy..suke wt intro pnjg2 ble nk present pape
  7. opie - suke merepek..hadi kate die termasuk dlm geng pot-pet laki twp
  8. pojie - da mkn besar xpe hani ade jd personal nutritionist die..hehe
  9. hani - awek pojie..suke wt kuiz "how well do u know me" kt facebook
  10. lukman - pndai..rajin..baik jgk
SIAP!mostly da dpt da pn..huhu..but dis time from chiechie so kire lain la ngan yg org len bg..haha xdeape..enjoy~

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

lagi2 polygamy...*sigh*...

so ermm...i hvnt write for soo long..not really in da mood to write anything even there are so much things to tell..hell already in my 3rd year n now learning for cardiovascular system..already in 3rd week n the case for this week is HEART FAILURE..only the intro..haha..not going to talk bout that case..enuff in tutorial..fullstop!!so..ive read through my frens blogs n im excited to elaborate more about that here..polygamy??hahaha..damn controversy ryte..ppl always write what they want to..because they never try to be in other ppl shoes..come on la..LAME ISSUE okey!!u already know the answer yet u still ask bout that..for what??..attract attention??..dun have to do this for that..YES u will get attention but not good one..okey..i will only agree if ppl say polygamy itu dibenarkn NOT diharuskn or maybe ade org gile nk ckp polygamy tu diwajibkn..hell NO!!n since it is dibenarkn so it should be at least a reason to do so n ofcourse with some conditions to agree with kn..BUT the reason must be reasonable la..munasabah..anyways i read this one post n he wrote about women menstruation..he ask a question "how about if the husband's arausal come at that time"..easy..they cant do sex aka persetubuhan aka hubungan intim or watever any other name for that..ape susah??now i would ask him back.."are u married bcoz of sex??"seems like ure thinking about that too far..why give menstruation as the reason??why no pregnancy??at least 2 months or may even more u have to hold that desire..btol x??or may be u want to tell me thats why most men seeking for other women while their wives pregnant??hahaha..ur reason sgt3 unacceptable..BUT..i agree about if the husband have some (can we call disease??hihi..) difficulties to hold that sexual arausal or maybe very high desire on that...for that reason..ive to surrender..hohoho..anyway the prob is most husbands with multiple wives are NORMAL..they have no "disease" like i mentioned before..that just a reason yg diada-adakn..the percentage maybe lower than 5% or may even lower than that..setuju x??fuhh..*sigh*..penat la melalut nie..okey..this post published only to give MY OWN response to what ive read..not to initiate any war okey..we are free to write..kan kan..hehe..anyway guys out there plz remember..polygamy itu adalah dibenarkn bukan diharuskn..n one more thing.."if u really love sumone n want her to be on ur side till ur last breath..then u have to always be on her side till her last breath"..only her..n thats what every women in the world ever hope:)