Thursday, October 28, 2010

short case!

29/10/2010-->short case medicine group 2

as mentioned ive been having short case examination..well not good la since i got cranial nerve exam which kinda hard for me..a lil bit konfius nk komfemkn finding which nerve yg not well prepared pn..focus too much for other systems then kantoi on cranial nerve..sedey :(

act xsusah sgt doc keep on asking things dat i dun really read bout dat..where's the lesion..cerebrum? cerebellum? brainstem? which nerve will u test further? what investigation to confirm diagnosis? ade la yg btol aku jwb tp ade jgk need 2nd 3rd answer..xbest la ble xdpt jwb btol2..huhu

another exam got cvs..IE patient..okeyy la..did well la kot tp still ade soklan yg slh jwb..malignant hypertension can cause MR? which book u read? through it away..haha..pndai2 je aku..seb bek lps tu dpt jwb yg btol..sory doc andrea..haishhh ssh tol nk perfect

so skang aku pasrah jela..tawakal..xleh nk watpe da pn kn..hopefully doc ckup baik hati luluskn aku n ofcourse sume ny dgn izin ALLAH..lps nie nk focus utk OSCE lak..then holiday~yeayyy..chaiyok2 cici!!