Tuesday, March 31, 2009

..thanx niesa..

how the story begin~~
while im suturing in huda's room..borrow suture instrument from isa (isa pnjm from his senior)..like food chain kn..haha..suddenly heard meirah sing something..sound very familiar.."nasyid tu..ko tau jgk ekh..ko ade simpan x..aku suke gle nyanyi ngan member aku mase kt mtrx dlu..pe ekh tajuk die..xingat la..huhu"
thats how the story begin..dan dgn semangatnye me naik atas (after tgk sinetron i*d*n yg menaikkan blood pressure..maknenye mmg emosi gle la ble tgk cte i*d*n nie) trus tgk ym..cr my frens yg dlu same2 suke nyanyi nasyid yg tersebut diatas td..act dis song she dedicated to me..sing for me..n wrote down the lyric for me..because im so down kne msk matrix..xdpt scholarship..huawawa..(ofcourse la xdpt..result pn xseberape)hahaha..watever..cte da lps~~
nk dipendekkan cte..i finally found the tittle of the song..KEHIDUPAN~!!
sing by inteam with NAZREY raihan jgk..i LOVE u NAZREY (ehh2 over pulak)..xde2..gimik je tu..HAH!!ermm so since da tau tajuk..me pn cpt2 cri lgu tu..kt internet ofcourse..siap download videoclip youtube lg..hihi..

penyanyi: inTeam n NAZREY raihan
sejarah lagu: lagu ini ditulis n dinyanyikan semula oleh seorang sahabat bernama khairunnisa binti mohd fadzli..(niesa)..bertujuan menaikkan semangat seorang temannye bernama nurul ashikin binti azmi (chiechie)..=)

here goes the lyric~~






**the BOLD one is my most favorite part =)**

komen: dis song mmg btol2 menaikkan my spirit..lagu slow je but ape yg disampaikn dlm lyric tu sgt meaningful..thanx niesa..appreciate it..until now i still remember the way u sing the song for me..wrote down the lyric n ask me to keep it..u tell me to sing it whenever i feel down..i did it..btol xtipu..saye syg kamu..dedicate dis song utk kamu juge..sing dis whenever u feel miserable..u knoe ill always pray for ur success..sepertimane kamu mendoakn saye..(",)
im glad our path crossed..friendship for eternity..i miss u:-)

ps: to those yg xpnah dgr dis nasyid..plz have a try..u might like it as pembakar semangat..sape tau..btol x..hehe..enjoy~~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

to wHom it cOnceRn..~sorry~

Sorry..didnt mean to hurt..bad situation cause me to act dat way..didnt blame nor mad at u..it jz when im already in euphoria state suddenly suppressed by incidence dat i cant imagine to be happen..ill act that way..not big deal but ill make it as huge as I can..my bad..i knoe..but dats me..even for 20 years b4..i never change..jz u never knoe da actual color of mine..its okey..we always dig new things as time passed..isnt it..we are still frens..perhaps..small silly thing should never break us apart..kan..kan..here sumthing for u..enjoy..

Friendships come and Friendships go
Like wave upon the sand
Like day and night
Like birds in flight
Like snowflakes when they land
But you and I are something else
Our friendship's here to stay
Like weeds and rocks and dirty socks
It never goes away!

A friend is a person
to laugh and cry with,
An inspiration,
Someone who lends a helping hand,
though friends may not be forever,
And they may not end up together,
the memories of a true friendship will
last forever.

A friend is not a shadow nor a servant
But someone who hold
a piece of a person in his heart.
Someone who shares a smile,
Someone who brightens up your day
What makes a person a friend
Is by saying your Love will stay.

Friday, March 27, 2009


ermm more about exm..hehe..damn bored dok berkurang kt umah mengadap bku je..im not dat type kot..im not consistence in my study..when da time comes..ill do my duty..STUDY..but if not ill do many things else..playing games..wathing tv..tido (most of the time)..surfing internet..n now..BLOGGING..hehe.. nothing much to write actually..jz suddenly think..
"nape ekh org lain ble tbe musim exm je..sume cm kurus pulak..xmkn ke diorg nie??"
maybe diorg nie:
exm>>send impulse to hypothalamus>>digest>>signals reach limbic system(emotion control)>>TAKUT CEMAS CUAK RISAU TENSION>>suppress apetite n loss desire to sleep>>low diet consumption>>weight loss>>KURUS!!!

hmm cmtu la kot..but for me da mechanism will be different..camni:
exm>>send impulse to hypothalamus>>digest>>signals reach limbic system(emotion control)>>TAKUT CEMAS CUAK RISAU TENSION>>increase appetite n desire to sleep>>high diet consumption>>weight gain>>GEMUK!!!

hahaha..know already differential diagnose between dis 2 mechanism..our motoric response different laa..me will eat n sleep much..but them??vice versa..huhu..
cmne nk jd cm diorg ekh..blaja je..me ssh la nk concerntrate..mmg da gene cmtu kot..xleh ubah da..xkn nk wat gene transfusion pulak..hoho..

dah2..lagho time OVER..study mode pulak(eksyen je)..hehe..tata~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~nEveR bE RepLAcEd~

Baby I love you and i'll never let you go
But if I have to boy I think that you should know
All the love we make can never be erase
And i promise you that you will never be replaced
Baby I love you and I'll never let you go
But if I have to boy I think that you should know
All the love we make can never be erase
And i promise you that you will never be replaced

I love you yes i do
I'll be with you as long as you want me too
Until the end of time
From the day I met you
I know we've be together
And now I know I wanna be with you forever
I wanna marry you and i wanna have your kids
Thinking never compare to feel enough to kisses
I can say i'm truly happy to the same
You've made me think I'll die and live my life hesitate
There's never been no doubt in my mind
That i'll regret ever having you by my side
But if the day come that i'll have to let you go
I think that something I should probadly let you know
With everything that i spent with you
Then i will miss you cuz i'm happy that i have you at all

[Repeat Chorus]

I feel for you yes i do
I'll be with you as long as you want me to
Until the end of time

Saturday, March 21, 2009

**i LOVE you**

its raining heavily outside..me jz stay in da house watching IDOLA CILIK 2 grand final..cm AKADEMI FANTASIA tu..bt dis one participated by kanak2 yg comel..name pn idola "CILIK" kn..support PATTON actually..suare die sedap..dia nyanyi best sgt..esp lgu2 GLENN..but it depends on sms thingy..so da best not usually da winner..huhuhu..kasihan kamu PATTON..nevermind..u already be da winner in my heart..uiiish oopss..ada pulak yg marah kang..hehe..love u much2 more la syg:-)

okey..enuff bout PATTON..not da main point act..da point is..I MISS HOME..miss my room..miss mak n abah..miss those kids yg mak jage..miss my FAMILY..huhu..sye nk blk..tau x sye nk blk..phm x sye nk blk sgt2..cmne nk expresskn how i really wanna go home..plz la phm..*sobbing*..
at dis time i suddenly remember what my mom wish on my bday..mom said..

"semoga apa yg dicita citakan semuanya tercapai dgn mudah n semoga ALLAH memberkati setiap apa yg angah hajati..amin"

dats what mom wish..terharu sgt..thanx a lot..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!~
dun wori ye..ill do my best..dats my promise!!really mean it..
so here goes some pics of my family during last aid mubarak..

ermm so tu je kot..mls nk upload byk2..hehe..got to go already..daa~~

Thursday, March 19, 2009

eXam FevEr~~

so..as the tittle above..final exm jz around da corner..another a week left..loads of things to do..sempat x..mampu x..boley x..all those questions always come up in my mind..24/7..huhu..time2 nie jgk la mcm2 skt nk dtg..headache..sore throat.. cough..stomachache..haish..
"ermm xpela chie2..skt2 tu kn boley hapuskn dosa2 kecik"
yeahh sure..dats da good side of being sick..haha..
so 2day we finally dpt jadual exm..lambat sungguh..lembap tol wt keje!!
watever la..huhu..so here goes da schedule~~

30 mac : integrated final examination HIS part 1
31 mac : integrated final examination HIS part 2
02 apr : comprehensive examination DMS & HIS part 1
03 apr : comprehensive examination DMS & HIS part 2
06 apr : OSOCA
07 apr : OSCE
08 apr : remedial OSOCA
14 apr : remedial OSCE

nothing interesting wif dat schedule..xmenarik lgsung!!n yg peliknye nape la remedial OSCE tu wt lmbt sgt..wat gap between OSCE n SOCA will be much more better idea i guess..admin2..ish..*sigh*

time to go..daa~~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mE n cELebS...

holla..ermm herpes zoster has finished!!hooray..haha..now free to do anything..yes..ofcourse anything..wanna do some pastyear questions but not in da mood yet..have to feel free to do so then brula hasil nye memuaskan..agree wif me??

i guess yess..hee..me not in da good condition act.. I mean my lambung (stomach in English) kind of xbtol sket..reason?? Unknown..huhu..if g clinic & doc ask for chief complain..guess dat I dun even knoe how to describe..haish cmne doc nk diagnose nie..ala plg pn doc will tell u to drink more water..give prescription antibiotic or maybe analgesic..huhu.. yeke?? Ntoh..juz guessing..*wink*..

hmm ptg td after tdo for few hours..me bkkla lptop..log in padma n start serving da internet..as usual..tgk fster..usya2 fster org len..tgk2 gamba..then mencapap bg komen kt pics mereka..haha..

then taip yangmenang.blogspot.com jz to see if theres sumthing new published by noi..our 24 hrs informer..hee..pastu gatal2 la usya blog opie..coffee talk..read da post boutrossa gave me a kiss..eleh kecoh la opie..kiss kt kertas je pn..me pn boley wt jugak tau..*jelous mode*..hehe..

then me pn teringat la mse zaman mude2 du byk jugak amek pics wif celebs msia..de zahid..jac victor..fara fauzana..leya hot fm..zed zaidi..n sape2 lg ntah..xingat da..*sje je nk bangge*..haha..still simpan those pics n here goes few of them…

de lg act tp mls nk upload..tenet cm lembap je..huhu..to opie dun worry..me still xpnah jmpe rossa face-to-face..so u still mng in dat case..hehe..ermm think dat its enuff already for dis time..wanna date wif my books pulak..uiiish..haha..hope leh thn lame la since my orbicularis oculi (muscle at the eyelid) da start contract to close my palpebral..huhu..till then..got to go..daa~~

Monday, March 16, 2009

the beginning...

already 3am in the morning..not in da mood to finish my li..herpes zoster..apekah??huhu..nk tdo..but not sleepy yet..hmm..internet..yes..da best option!!haha..jump on blog by blog..read my frens writing..lame2..interested!!!as i wrote in da profile..*easily influence by others* yes thats me..so ape lg..klik on 'buat blog' then jdla my blog entitled journey of mine...
so thats the beginning of dis entry..:P
hmm..another 2 weeks our final exm 4 dis hematoimmunology system will begin..SOCA..xabes hafal lg..OSCE..huru hara..MDE??huhu..*sigh*..as usual..time2 cmni la high prevalence students utk sakit..tbe2 jd outbreak case pulak..nape ekh..psychological OR pathophysiology OR mmg physiology..hmm..*thinking*..
here goes da mechanism..
ble nk exm..sume stress..high cortisol secreted from our adrenal gland..cortisol aka corticosteroid..one of the side effects is suppress our antibody..so dis time body prone to infection..even jamur aka fungi can cause infection..finally sakit...agree??haha..so to those yg rase cm xsdp bdn nk dmm OR anything yg sewaktu dgn nye..jgnla stress2 sgt ye..be cool..study smart..usaha + tawakkal..DUN FORGET!!
hmm..now i knoe da good side of blogging..it make me sleepy already..haha..so nk tdo..my bed yg empuk tu da pgil2 da..nite & take care..daa~~