Tuesday, December 27, 2011

~1 month~

28/12/11 - its already a month..you n me as husband n wife
im sooo glad we make it..Alhamdulillah~
until now i still cant imagine that i hve been married to you
only ALLAH knows how happy i am..this is what i always dream for
you hve been such a wonderful husband to me

thank you abg u never left me behind
thank you abg for always be my Imam for every prayer time
thank you abg tlg syg adapt ngan family abg
thank you abg for beeing sooo nice to my family
thank you abg tlg sidai n lipat kain
thank you abg slalu kms bilik
thank you abg pujuk syg ble merajuk
thank you abg for always giving me the best

and i always afraid that i am not good enough to you
sorry syg tak expert in cooking lagi
sorry if air yg syg buat xsedap
sorry if syg xiron bju abg cantik2
sorry kdg2 syg suke tdo lame2 n bgn lmbt
sorry kalo abg tension sbb syg bersiap lame sgt
sorry kalo syg suke merajuk n kalo syg ade wat abg marah
sorry abg i am not perfect....yet ;p

above all i love u abg..u hve been such a good husband to me..ingt lg abg gosokkn bju kurung mase syg merajuk..you allways full with surprise..;)
and still remember mase syg sakit perut dlm kete..u hold my hand along the way..hoping that u can ease the pain..abg guna satu tgn je pgg stereng + tukar gear..bahaya btol tapi syg suke ^^

I never stop pray to ALLAH for letting our LOVES to always grow n never faded
biar kekal sampai ke syurga~

Ohhh before it is tooooo late..i would like to Thank to ALL who direct or indirectly involves during my wedding day..of course especially to my PARENTS and all my relatives..I will always remember all your kindness..never forget!

p/s; Lets work hard n be a great doctors in the future ;)